Applied Life Insurance Illustrator

 Learning by Doing



The APPLIED LIFE INSURANCE ILLUSTRATOR – LEARNING BY DOING includes an Instruction Manual & Exercises and related APLII spreadsheets which may be used for academic pedagogy or research: including insurance courses, industry continuing education classes, or other related activities.


The Learning by Doing Exercises allow students to choose the loading, expenses, interest rate, dividend factors and cost of insurance, basic assumed policy elements, used for life insurance policy premium determinations and cash value projections.


The Applied LIFE INSURANCE Illustrator - Learning by Doing (APLII) Excel  spreadsheet simultaneously creates life insurance policy values for Traditional, Participating, Current Assumption Whole Life, Universal Life, Annual Renewable Term and Level Term insurance policies.


The APLII spreadsheet requires minimal data input and accommodates varying surrender charges, premium loading and expenses, current and guaranteed cost of insurance, multiple mortality tables, Preferred/Standard/Smoker risk rate classes, modal premiums, interest rate scenario pricing, and premium contingent valuations including self-sustaining (‘vanishing’) premium strategies.


The pedagogic benefit derives from the immediate, visible sensitivity of life insurance premiums and cash values to these valuation assumptions by product type, providing an insight into the sophisticated actuarial mathematics and the underlying financial basis of life insurance.


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